1. How do you plan to use this test?

3. Do you care how accurately the test scores predict future job performance?

4. How short does the test have to be (what are your requirements for applicant completion time)?

5. Which format(s) do you need the test in? Check all that apply.

6. How important is it that the test you choose be pre-evaluated to ensure it meets the 80-20 rule under EEOC's Uniform Guidelines for Employee Selection Procedures?

7. Some tests require special training to administer. Please indicate your preference.

8. Many test vendors are willing to work with employers to customize and fine-tune tests so their predictions are optimized to the employer's specific needs. This process requires at least 50 employees in the occupation being tested, and it takes 1-3 months, but it results in a test that is much more accurate. In some cases, this so-called local validation study also gives you access to specialized test formats (e.g., game-based tests). How willing are you to work with a testmaker to come up with a mutual solution?

9. What price range are you willing to consider?

10. We asked a lot of questions about features you might want in a test. Please select up to TWO features that are critically important to you. We'll weigh them more highly in the selection criteria.

Not Critical
Short length
Low price
High Validity (ability to accurately predict future job performance)
EEOC compliance without any effort from me
Specific Format(s) beyond desktop (mobile, paper, DVD, etc)
Requires no training to administer
Covers a specific occupation well
Covers many occupations well